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Savvy Settings Pop-Up Shop at “Hey Brown Girls’” Night Market

Over the weekend we held a pop-up shop at the “Hey Brown Girls” Night Market which was held at Gallery Guichard. The gallery represents artists from around the world but specializes in art of the African Diaspora. Coming to this gallery is always an unforgettable cultural experience.

There were a host of unique vintage dealers, hand-makers and artisans the retailed some really beautiful things! Immediately following night market, was a vintage afterparty. -Vintage vinyls, vintage fashions, lovely cocktails, lots of old school dancing, the whole nine yards! 

We got a chance to meet so many of our social media friends, we also met so many new people that had never heard of Savvy Settings Home. It was really nice finally be in the face of our clients as we’re exclusively online and working from home gets very lonely sometime. The customers were engaged with all of our product we had available for purchase, especially the candle collection! The outcome was AMAZING! It felt so good to know that we were introducing others to the art of handmade homewares that will become a lifetime piece of art in their homes.

Above is a shot of a me pictured with couple of my favorite folks that came to show their support! | LEFT: Oris Wooldridge, Real Estate Agent of Exit Strategy Realty RIGHT: Lynne McDaniel, Co-owner of An Orange Moon. |

Thanks to everyone that came out, your support is greatly appreciated. We are  about to take Savvy Settings to a new level after hearing our clients’ wants and needs for their home, stay in the know and follow us on Instagram!


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  • An Orange Moon

    Awe! It was fun and you made me feel special to be a part of your evening! PS. ❤️ My purchase!

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