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SAVVY HOME SERIES: Choosing The Right Paint Color For A Room With Little Natural Light!

So a couple months ago I moved into a really cute historic apartment. - I think when I said “cute” I was being funny because when I moved in there were off-white walls, dated light fixtures, horrible natural light.....On the upside, there were original hardwood floors, exposed brick and 130 year old baseboards! Talk about DETAILS! Basically, this was an apartment that a regular person would turn away from immediately. Being an Interior Designer, I actually saw the potential in the space and knew I could turn this into a Savvy Setting

This picture was taken the first time I viewed the apartment. If you look in the window on the far right, you’ll still see the FOR RENT sign in the window, but that didn’t stay up no time because I signed the lease that day! 

This shot doesn’t show any signs of bad lighting, due to those afternoon sun rays. This is a west facing apartment so the only time the lighting is good is early afternoon or during sunset. I knew because if that, had to get rid of the white walls! I was actually open to keeping the walls white because I wanted to highlight the historic charm, but it just didn’t work. 

When most people are having trouble with a dark room, they tend to choose a lighter paint color thinking that it would automatically brighten the space. BUT THAT ISN’T ALWAYS RIGHT! Selecting just any lighter paint color in a low lit room is a recipe for disaster. The room will look very bland the cold glow from outside will distort the color, all because the room don’t get much sunlight.

When you have this problem, It's all about using contrasting hues to brighten the space! Dark walls accented by light hardwood floors, bright white trim and baseboards will make the space feel cozy, intimate and most importantly BRIGHTER. 



As you can see, the room instantly felt more spacious, the ceilings felt much taller! Most importantly, my problem was solved! The sunlight began to just beam into my living room, brightening the entire space. The color I chose is called Web Gray by Sherwin Williams.

I am now on my way to creating the perfect bachelor pad inspired by Parisian interior design. Lots of grays, black, rich textures and mixed metals! No color, the only color you may ever see in my apartment this fall will be green from the houseplants and the orange from the terra cotta planters.... Perfect minimal pops of color! --You’ve probably noticed that I typically stay away from color, unless it’s for a client!

No, I don’t use painter’s tape. It’s all about timing! As a professional, my goal was to learn to cut-in the edges of the walls perfectly so that I could save me time and save my clients money. #TIMEISMONEY

Painting a room at 3am will require a lots coffee! Life’s too short for boring coffee, so I keep my Chemex coffeemaker and Corbe Co mug close by at all times. I refuse to drink Starbucks, but that’s a story for another day! 

I just love that corner where the benches are! That is going to be my office area once my desk arrives! I’m greatly anticipating the arrival as I’ve already mounted my wall light to define the work area! That’s where I’ll be design planning, fulfilling order and stressing over something work related! 

I also swapped the ugly flush mount light fixture for my custom pendant cluster, made by Hangout Lighting to add that wow factor to the space.

You can feel the warm glow from the sunlight falling right into my apartment! I wish I could close out this blog post with a celebratory cocktail, but there isn’t any more cognac. I'll add that in my to-do list for this week. 

Until next time friends!   

Thanks so much for reading, I hope I’ve inspired you to add a little pizazz to your home this fall season. Stay tuned to the next Savvy Home Series It’ll be featuring affordable bathroom updates for a rental apartment! 

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