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Low Cost Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Apartment

We all dream of that living that fabulous condo flooded with natural light, hardwood floors throughout, floor-to-ceiling windows, a mind-blowing kitchen finished with marble countertops and the riches brass hardware, and the most luxurious furnishings to seal the deal! Let’s face it, that’s just not our reality right now! So in the meantime we have to settle for that ugly rental apartment that’s within budget. --Sad, right? No quite! Just because you live in a rental apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like “home!" 
Ok, so at this point we’ve stopped dreaming! The apartment search is on, and you have now found that perfect apartment for the right price. The only issue is that the apartment has a few dated touches. --Don’t let that scare you! Just because you didn’t purchase it, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a few personal touches here and there. 
Now that you’d decided to move forward with the rental, you're thinking of every possible way to make a few cost-friendly upgrades. Look no further, here are my top ways to upgrade your new rental apartment without breaking the bank......


Upon moving all of your belonging in, you should consider have the apartment painted. A new paint color could completely transform the space into that magical space that only you dream about. --But get your landlord’s approval before getting way in over you head and incur any unnecessary fees. 
When I painted the walls in my 100+ year old rental, the space went from a suped up Mazda to a S- Class Mercedez! Don’t believe me? See the post here....

Replace All Light Switches and Outlet Covers

Yeah, I bet you didn’t even this of this one little trick that would make a huge difference! There's nothing better than a freshly painted room finished with the brightest white light switch + outlet covers. Chances are, that current ones may have paint on them! Right, why would there be paint on them? Great question, a lot of amateur painters think that it’s ok to paint around those things. Truth is, when you remove the light switches + outlet covers before painting, the paint job will look much more professional when completed. So hit up your local Home Depot for some of the those new outlet covers, DON’T FORGET TO ONLY GET THE BRIGHT WHITE ONES. While you’re at it, grab enough to replace every one in your apartment! 

Get Rid of Bad Lighting 

Bad lighting is amongst the top issues with rental apartments. Don’t feel defeated, lighting is a relatively easy problem to fix. There are places like Amazon and IKEA that sell inexpensive light fixtures that look good! Remember to keep the old fixtures because if you’re like me, they’re going to be reinstalled when I move out. -- My landlord won’t have good light fixtures on my expense! HA, NOPE NOT ME! 
If you’re willing to splurge a bit, I’d recommend you getting a light fixture comissioned by Hangout Lighting. They’re based here in Chicago and the lead time is amazing! No more waiting six to eight weeks for lighting to be delivered! 

Cosmetic Changes To Your Bathroom

(image found via Pinterest)

So long to those days of installing those ugly towel racks on your bathroom walls. Use your creativity! Use a floating shelf and a piece of art. Also, if you plan on displaying your bath towels, please keep them limited to ONLY WHITE! White towels displayed properly will make your bathroom feel like you’ve just stepped foot into your favorite spa!  Also, if you have a dated medicine cabinet, replace that with a simple mirror! Remember to not throw the old one out because we don’t give landlords anything complimentary, unless we’re getting credit for it.


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