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| Get to Know Which Candles Our Founder, Demetrius Is Burning In His Home! |

After long days of work, some of us return home to care for our families. Some of us are headed to school to pursue the career of your dreams. Some of us may even be headed to a second job to make ends meet. Whatever your life is like “after work,” we all need an escape from reality! Wonderfully scented candles happen to be my little inexpensive escape to somewhere magical. 
No matter how my day went, I know that when I get home I can burn my candles and  disconnect from the outside world! -I’m usually burning two candles at once to create an aroma that sweeps me off of my feet.
Our New York Soy Candle by 42 Pressed and the Whiskey + Fig Soy Candle by Standard Wax happens to be my two favorites and I’ve been burning them all month long.


The soft and musky notes of Patchouli, Amber and Whiskey combined creates a feeling my home that you can’t find anywhere else... Well, unless you make your own candles using those exact essential oils! [LAUGHING OUT LOUD, LITERALLY!] 

Here’s a shot of the cozy corner where I burn my candles in my new apartment! It took some time to find the perfect spot to burn the candles to ensure that my entire living area is filled with the best scent throw possible. Yes, there’s a trick to burning candles!
Keep away from windy or drafty areas. Also, be sure to trim your wick down to 1/4 inch before each burn to lower the possibility of black smoke or black build-up around the candle. Allow your candle to burn for at least two to three hours on the first burn, THAT’S MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO ENSURING THAT YOUR CANDLE HAS THE LONGEST BURN-TIME! 

The two framed photographs hung above the shelf we’re shot and framed by yours truly. You may or may not know, but outside of Savvy Settings I’m a freelance photographer. I do all of the photography work for the brand. All of those really nice shots you see shared via out online store and social media platforms, I create those! It takes much time and effort to get the perfect shot, that’s why I spend two hours each day working on content to share with you guys. 

Yeah, here’s my dog and I shortly after getting the perfect shots to share with you!
Her name is Gabbie, she a four year old Jack Russell Terrier that’s full of energy, just like Milo (the dog that starred in Jim Carey’s, The Mask). By the way we both were enjoying the wonderful scent combination. 
Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys soon. In the meantime, keep up with us on Instagram!




  • jamala wallace

    Hi Demetrius! I just popped over after reading Nicole’s post on her blog about your candle. I’m always looking for wonderful smelling candles and definitely will order one. I’ve always enjoyed Patchouli so this sounds heavenly. You captured the essence of burning candles perfectly.

  • Arlesia

    Hey Demetrius! Really nice shots in all of the photos featured in this post, as well as the 2 framed! I can see your work hanging in an art gallery in the future! Thanks for the tips on burning candles! I love candles and the serenity they bring after a long day of working! I also love for my place to smell lovely! I have never thought to burn 2 scents at once though, a must try! So…I can use a couple new candles soon, btw! ☺️ I absolutely enjoyed this post! #Salute

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