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Are Interior Design Services Actually Affordable?

Lately I’ve been receiving emails from potential clients asking questions like, “How much will it cost to design my home?".... "What’s a feasible budget for you to work with?" "Can I even afford your services?" 
-- Depending on the scope of project and the designer you choose to work with, the price and fees may vary. 
A budget for a Savvy Makeover will require a budget anywhere from $750 plus design fees, depending on the size of the room. Mind you, the Savvy Makeover is only for clients that already have larger furniture. The budget will be used for accessories needed for the project. 
Full service design services will require a budget anywhere from $2500+ plus design fees. This service is provided to clients with empty homes looking to get them designed, also clients that are looking have their current homes redesigned. 
If you’re more of a DIY’er, our E-Design service may be the perfect service for you. We will chat via email, FaceTime or Skype to discuss your budget and personal style. Then we collect images and measurements of your space, then shop! You will also receive an itemized list of things to buy as well as detailed layout instructions.
We’re all about giving our clients the best design for their budget. Whether it’s a Savvy Makeover or full service design, each project will be managed with the the upmost care and attention to detail.
Our focus is to work directly with our clients to make sure they have a beautifully designed home that suites their needs and personal tastes. We deliver luxury on any budget! If you’re in need of any design services feel free to leave your information in our contact section for this website or email us directly at contact[at] ( yes, .co not .com) we’d love to set you up a consultation today! 
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