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Our First Pop-Up Art Gallery

Last Friday, March 31st, we held an opening reception for our first in-store pop up Art Gallery! "What’s a pop-up art-gallery?" -A pop-up art gallery is a cool concept I came up with. I will have artists create custom series of works and I will be showcasing in our shop in art gallery form for 30 days. For our first show, we showcased custom series by local artists Chava Mancera + Lydia Cash. The shop was filled with great vibes, great champagne and most importantly, great people! This was my first fine arts exhibit, and I must say I did an amazing job putting this event together! Over 80 guest came out and luckily I didn’t run out of champagne, I was...

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Low Cost Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Apartment

We all dream of that living that fabulous condo flooded with natural light, hardwood floors throughout, floor-to-ceiling windows, a mind-blowing kitchen finished with marble countertops and the riches brass hardware, and the most luxurious furnishings to seal the deal! Let’s face it, that’s just not our reality right now! So in the meantime we have to settle for that ugly rental apartment that’s within budget. --Sad, right? No quite! Just because you live in a rental apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like “home!"  Ok, so at this point we’ve stopped dreaming! The apartment search is on, and you have now found that perfect apartment for the right price. The only issue is that the apartment has a...

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What’s So Great About Soy Wax Candles and Why Should I Be Burning Them?

Soy wax is amongst the most popular waxes used in candle making. Soy wax is made of  the oil from soy beans. Soy wax candles are 100% natural, unlike traditional paraffin wax. Traditional paraffin wax candles contain petroleum by products and other toxins to enhance the scent throw without health in mind.  Soy wax candles burn slower, so they typically last twice as long as paraffin wax candles! They’re also much safer to burn in less ventilated rooms. While burning soy candles, there won’t be any black soot or build up around the inside of the container. Due to these qualities, soy wax candles usually cost a bit more.  We love that our candles we carry become beautiful objects around your home,...

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SAVVY HOME SERIES: Choosing The Right Paint Color For A Room With Little Natural Light!

So a couple months ago I moved into a really cute historic apartment. - I think when I said “cute” I was being funny because when I moved in there were off-white walls, dated light fixtures, horrible natural light.....On the upside, there were original hardwood floors, exposed brick and 130 year old baseboards! Talk about DETAILS! Basically, this was an apartment that a regular person would turn away from immediately. Being an Interior Designer, I actually saw the potential in the space and knew I could turn this into a Savvy Setting!  This picture was taken the first time I viewed the apartment. If you look in the window on the far right, you’ll still see the FOR RENT sign in...

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Savvy Settings Pop-Up Shop at “Hey Brown Girls’” Night Market

Over the weekend we held a pop-up shop at the “Hey Brown Girls” Night Market which was held at Gallery Guichard. The gallery represents artists from around the world but specializes in art of the African Diaspora. Coming to this gallery is always an unforgettable cultural experience. There were a host of unique vintage dealers, hand-makers and artisans the retailed some really beautiful things! Immediately following night market, was a vintage afterparty. -Vintage vinyls, vintage fashions, lovely cocktails, lots of old school dancing, the whole nine yards!  We got a chance to meet so many of our social media friends, we also met so many new people that had never heard of Savvy Settings Home. It was really nice finally be...

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